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Pudding Moulds and Basins

Pudding Basins & Dariole Moulds

Our ranges of pudding basins and dariole moulds are great for baking, steaming and cooking but also ideal for casual dining food presentation.

Manufactured from high quality aluminium the dariole mould and pudding basin collections are perfect for serving small or individual portions.

An essential piece of restaurant equipment they can be used as a pudding steamer, pudding dish or pudding bowl.

Multifunctional items pudding moulds and pudding basins are also perfect for serving side dishes, snacks or desserts. Their industrial brushed aluminium finish works well with casual dining restaurants offering a quirky look. 

• Mini Pudding Basins

• Small Pudding Basins

• Metal Dariole Mould

• Christmas Pudding Moulds

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