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Restaurant Glassware

Our glassware collection has an extensive variety of drinking glasses to ensure you get the right glass to suit your establishment.

Choose from crystalline, soda lime and recycled glass in a variety of shapes and sizes, from our 4 main brands, Stolzle, Ocean, Borgonovo and Genware. 

Our collections offer great value, practical and durable glassware including highball glasses and traditional tumblers, which work well as a multifunctional glassware solution.

Discover our range of Wine Glasses and Stemware which includes cheap wine glasses for everyday use, through to crystalline glasses for fine dining. 

• Wine Glasses

• Water Glasses

• Cocktail Glasses

• Beer Glasses

• Champagne Flutes and Champagne Saucers

• Brandy Glasses

• Whisky Glasses

• Coffee Glasses

• Sundae Dishes and Dessert Glasses

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