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Future Care

Future Care is a range of specialist ceramics that have been developed to assist independent and support well-being. The range features individual pieces ergonomically designed for the healthcare market, such as care homes, hospitals and retirement or care villages.

Available in classic white, Future Care is tailored for individual personal needs whilst enhancing food presentation. Additionally, Future Care is also available in a solid blue finish. After many years of working with healthcare professionals in hospitals and care homes throughout the UK, Foodcare have identified that food is more visible against the contrast of blue tableware, improving food intake and nutrition. Churchill Future Care tableware is the natural choice for assisted living, as it is designed to mirror traditional crockery collections, allowing the user to dine with dignity.

The deep plates aid eating with use of an undercut to ease food on to the cutlery, and a contemporary wide rim to assist stability and handling. The stacking cups and mugs are design engineered to provide additional grip and stability with a wide base and functionally designed handle to support good hydration. The addition of a deep stacking bowl is ideal for porridge and hot soups.

Features and Benefits

Plate Cover Fit - Fits all standard plate covers in the market, both metal and plastic. This helps back of house preparations and food transportation.

Rim Shape - Wide and couped rim aids handling and stability.

Porcelain Body - Excellent performance and durability. 

Low Plate Height - For an easy fit into racking systems and heated trolleys.

Stackability - A wide base for excellent stackability and storage.

Undercut Rim - High rim to help the food fall back on the cutlery, no need for food guard.

Flat Base - The plate is designed to have full contact with a heated tray, retaining heat and keeping food hot for longer.

Microwave & Dishwasher Safe - All items have been designed to fit easily into a dishwasher.

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